Gathering report – 10-Aug-2016

Gathering report  – 10-Aug-2016

Iranian Business Council hosted a very organized gathering on 10-Aug-2016 at IBC office. Almost 20 business men and women were gathering to share their business ideas with other members and to do networking.

Meeting started at 3PM sharp. Followed by welcoming new IBC members and giving them the IBC badges and trophies by Mr. Hadi Motameni, the IBC chairman.

The main concern that has been raised in the meeting was the banking issues that most of Iranian businesses are facing in UAE. Regardless of all obstacles, there have been some reasonable hopes that there are real clues showing the situation is getting much better.

The procedure of banking facilities is accelerated after 5+1 and Iran talk results that opened new business and economic opportunities towards Iran.
However, it is obvious that after many years of challenges, now, we cannot expect everything to be resolved overnight and all attendees agreed that it needs more time that all banks to forget those days and start to open doors towards Iranian businesses.

Mr. Asrar Haghighi had a very fruitful speech and opened some new discussion points and had some guidelines and advises to other members about banking issues that they may face.

Shipping industry was the next subject to be covered. Regardless of easing sanctions and 5+1 agreement, there are still some bumpers in the road of transport and shipping. The main challenge is with US based suppliers that are still frightened to start “open” business with Iranian businesses, especially if the final destination of their goods to be Iran.

So, suppliers prefer to lower their risk margin, still doing business in the sanction age methods and wait to see what happens next. This NEXT is a little dependent to the US election results. Traders are waiting to see if the next president will tear apart the 5+1 agreement and destroy the whole structure or, to follow the right path of the previous president. Being Hilary or Donald, the result may be too different for doing business with Iran.
Now, businesses are heading towards Iran. Well, let’s say they are in a race to go to Iran and of course they need to know that may not be as easy as they think.

The Present Iranian Embassy’s first secretary in the meeting helped some questions about traveling foreign nationals to Iran to be raised. He was so optimistic to say that there is not any issue for travelling to Iran at all! “ Of course from Visa requirement point of you”, But the real story is a little bit different and need businesses to do more study before taking any decision to apply for a business Visa. For this purpose, IBC could be the best source of information and advising body for those who want to travel to Iran for business purposes.

Financing? Of course this is the most fascinating subject for those who are going to invest on a project in Iran. There was a very comprehensive talk around financing among members and they shared their knowledge and ideas.

The gathering then continued by introduction the new members and their company and services, having some snacks and taking some nice photos.

The event finished at 5PM.

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