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It is a pleasure to introduce Iranian Business Council ( IBC) as one of the pioneer and active business councils licensed by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in UAE.

We organize regular business events, which are open to members and invited guests, while inviting UAE and Iranian authorities, professional guest speakers for social networking, sharing information and experience as well as stimulating ideas. Our biannual member’s directory and monthly newsletter which are widely distributed within UAE together with our active website are effective tools for developing business relationship of our members within community.

IBC founded in 1992 in Dubai and is known as one of the oldest private Iranian NGOs in the UAE and  has constitution, general assembly meeting and 5 years growth plan documentations. Some of our members who invited to our committees, sharing their professional success stories since long time back doing business in Dubai and the UAE for second generation of Iranians who has been grown up in Dubai.

You may access to our online version of our newsletter at our website through the following link:

LinkedIn Page

 Facebook Page

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The membership fee for one representative is AED4000, For two representative AED5000.

Required documents:

1-Membership Form

2- Bank Account Details

3- Copy of trade license

4- Copy of passport (photo page)

5- Copy of visa page

6- Two photos

7- Business Card

We look forward to see you!