OBJECTIVES 23 Nov 2014


  • To establish, promote and reinforce business network among Iranian businessmen and their counterparts within UAE.
  • To promote and foster long term trade, economic, technical cooperation, tourism and cultural ties among Iranian businessmen.
  • To attract Iranian and non-Iranian Investors and introduce to IBC members.
  • To create, preserve and foster good and harmonious relationship amongst the members and to promote the ethics of sound commerce in their companies.
  • To introduce an arbitration panel among IBC members.
  • To provide business updates, economic insights and trade outlines to the members through various platforms such as monthly luncheons, IBCnews, IBC website, IBC e-newsletter, seminars, Q&A sessions & etc.
  • To introduce a business platform for members to benefit from exchange of ideas and brain storming with other Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils.
  • To escalate legal, operational and technical business barriers to local authorities on an ongoing basis to facilitate the business flow.


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