Online Marketing Strategies for Start-ups on a Limited Budget

Business 22 Jun 2016
Online Marketing Strategies for Start-ups on a Limited Budget

All businesses go through a start-up phase, a stage where there are few customers, little revenue, and you aren’t completely sure about what you are doing – even if you know you have done it before. During this phase, you cannot afford to spend money for services you do not really need — more so if you are invested personally. While it is not advisable, it often leads to budget marketing cuts, which ironically, is your best option to earn more and gain more customers. That is what investing is all about. You get more but putting in more.

Online marketing is not easy and competition is tough. So you need to make the smart decision in choosing the right online marketing tools and techniques to use. Here are five affordable marketing strategies helpful to new businesses:

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Mahmood Bashash holds an Electronics Engineering degree. He has worked as a computer programmer in one of leading software companies in Iran for 5 years. His talent and leadership ability made him one of the top managers and team leaders in the company. Mahmood then set up his own business, dedicated to Web development, Internet marketing and social media, and run the company for 4 years. His young team, and his passion for doing the right thing, cased his company to be ranked among the top 5 companies in Iran in the Web development industry. He managed numerous clients, from small companies through to large enterprises. Mahmood is the founder of eBiz International (F.Z.C), a small digital marketing firm established on 2005 in UAE and delivers web, social media and digital marketing services and consultancies to small and medium size businesses (SMB) in the region.

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