From Young Professional to Corporate Social Responsibility…

Social & Public Relation  Committee is one of the active committees in IBC. It has registered a successful record in fund raising for different causes and Iranian Social activities in UAE.

The key events arranged by this committee in recent time are as the following:

1- Formation and organizing regular gatherings of Iranian Young Professional Group in Dubai

2- Organizing  Iranian National Celebrations to remind Iranian young generation in the UAE about their home country culture like: Abanegan, Chahar-shanbe-Soori, Shab e Yalda, Nourooz, Mehregan

3- Fund raising for Bam & Azarbayejan Earthquake

4- Set up training committees to develop the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” among Iranian Business Community in the UAE.

5- Set up and fund raise for various cultural events, theater and art performance in Dubai.

6- Fun raising for Iranian Students in American University of Sharjah to construct and demonstrate “Iran” Booth in “Earth Day”.

7- Established “Community Based Disaster Risk Management”  NGO in Iran with getting support of Iran Chamber, Red Cross and UN.

Committee’s bylaw could be find as follows.