Verified Gross Mass of Container Carrying Cargo ( VGM)

Transport 15 Jul 2016
Verified Gross Mass of Container Carrying Cargo ( VGM)
  • Vessel Operator follows the guideline of NO VGM- NO LOAD. It is mandatory after 01st July for a container to be loaded onboard to have a VGM as per Solas

Chapter VI, part A, regulation 2.

  • Vessel Operators won’t load the container if there is no valid VGM.
  • The responsibility lies with each line to provide the container in load list with a valid VGM.
  • It is the responsibility of the load ports /agents / Local offices to ensure that the regulation on VGM is strictly complied with.
  • The local offices/ agents must coordinate closely with the port, customers and partners in order to be in line with the local procedures for loading of local export and transhipment boxes.
  • VGM is to be provided either by soft/hard copy, electronic transmission, LOI for all declared weight for containers being loaded on board.
  • Vessels Master reserves the right to reject any container without a valid VGM.
  • Vessel Operators is equipped to use Baplie 2.2 for planning software which enables to cross check the VGM.
  • Transhipment boxes which are loaded prior to 01st of July and are transhipped on or after 01st July 2016 are exempted from VGM as per ‘MSC 1-Circ 1548’ ( Circular attached ) till 01st Oct 2016 .


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